Pizza Recipe | How to make pizza Homemade Pizza Recipe

Pizza Recipe with Video – Learn how to make a homemade pizza like Pro with simple steps through step by step instructions. This detailed post will help you make the best pizza I can think of as a favorite of your family. This pizza has a crisp, light & fluffy base, with no high taste of yeast. The sauce is amazingly delicious & aromatic. So this post will cover everything from scratch – making pizza dough, making sauces and assembling whole pizza.

How to make pizza Homemade Pizza Recipe

Initially when I started making homemade veggie pizza I tried to use whole wheat flour several times. I tried later & hooked up to the white whole wheat flour pizza as the results were compromised and loved it.

Since I have been accustomed to the taste of white wheat since then, I have not looked back for any other alternatives, which we cannot find in any good pizzeria.

I have many readers requests for a good veggie pizza recipe using all-purpose flour or maida. So later on whenever I made pizza for my family, I started using organic organic all-purpose flour.

I followed the recipe from Bob’s Red Mill for the pizza base, which was outstanding and delicious.

As for the pizza sauce, I’ve already gotten better after making pizza for many years. All the tips in this post are from my own experience.

If you don’t have an oven, you can make a pizza on a tawa without yeast, or make this bread pizza with bread. Health Note: Do not use regular grounds for making pizza, it is very unhealthy. Regular maida is chemically bleached and has tons of negative effects on our health.

If you can’t find organic or unsweetened flour, make the pizza with very high quality atta and make thin crust pizza. It is also very good.

Important Tips for Making the Best Pizza

1. Activate yeast: Always activate your yeast before adding it to the flour. This way you can save your flour without wasting if yeast isn’t good.

2. Let the flour rise well: allow the flour to rise for a while until doubled in size. Depending on the temperature or location you live in, flour can take twice as long.

So time may not be the right factor, instead wait until the batter has doubled in size.

3. Bake the base: If you bake a thick pizza base in a small oven, it is best to bake the pizza base for 5 to 7 minutes first, then smear the sauce and top with veggies & cheese. Then burn it. Many times the thick pizza base does not cook well in small ovens when the cheese turns brown.

The pizzas served in pizzeria are made in very large ovens, are very hot and are often baked on pizza stones, so the base is well cooked.


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